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Facebook Newsfeed – Visit Your Facebook Newsfeed

If you want to get news and updates from your Facebook connections, then you need to visit your Facebook Newsfeed. Your Facebook newsfeed is where you get recent information and memories shared from your Facebook friends, the groups you join and the pages you like or follow. This newsfeed actually acts like a regular newsfeed… Read More »

Create a Facebook Group – Create a Group in Facebook

A Facebook group is an interesting feature on the Facebook platform. Currently, you can Create a Facebook Group. This feature actually brings together people with common interests or with a particular goal. No matter what your interest is, you can find other people with the same interest as you on the Facebook platform. Why this… Read More »

Facebook Advertising Benefits – Ways to Advertise on Facebook

The Facebook platform can be used for many things including advertising. Now as you might have already known, everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage. Hence we will be discussing on the benefits of advertising on Facebook. The benefit of advertising on Facebook is what is referred to as Facebook Advertising Benefits.  Facebook is… Read More »

Facebook Advertising Coupon – Buy Facebook Ads Coupon

Facebook advertising coupon is the medium of payment for the products and services you advertise on Facebook. These are coupons that can be used for advertising on either Facebook or Instagram. However, it all depends on the kind of coupon you have. Yes, there are different kinds of coupon and you can only receive a… Read More »

Create a Facebook Business Page – How to Create a Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page is a public profile set on the Facebook platform to either represent your business or brand. If you have a business, brand or you are a marketer, then you really need this page. First of all, you need to learn how to Create a Facebook Business Page. A Facebook business page… Read More »