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By | September 26, 2019

Are you looking for a way to catch fun? Whether it is entertainment you are looking to get, you can get it from the Facebook watch. Watching TV shows can be done with this platform but you need a Facebook account. When you have an account with the platform, you can begin catching fun watching videos. Entertainment is one necessity in our modern society and that Is what this platform brings to you. The Facebook watch feature is designed in such a way that the pages you have liked with your account will be your watch list. This means to say, videos from the pages you have liked on the platform will display their videos randomly on the Watch webpage.

Facebook Watch

There are so many things you stand to gain from the Facebook watch feature or webpage. You can personally search for videos you feel like watching. This platform can be very entertaining and it is very useful when you want to put smiles on the faces of others. If you are looking for comedy videos this feature is what you need.

Facebook Registration

Registration on Facebook is free. What’s more, is that it is fast and simple. You can follow the steps below to not only access the Facebook website but register.

  • Go to the Facebook website using the web address www.facebook.com. This web address can be used to access the Facebook website on any device.
  • If you have any account logged in on that device, you would have to log it out if you intend to create a new one.
  • Now you should be on the platform official homepage. Simply locate and tap on the create account or sign up button.
  • You should be on the platform registration page and the platform registration form should be visible to you.

Simply fill the form and follow all the onscreen instructions given to you afterward. That is all you need to sign up for a new Facebook account. Remember, it is free so what are you waiting for.

How to Access Facebook Watch

Accessing the watch platform is simple. However, some people find it difficult and that is why I have compiled the steps of which you should follow to access the feature.

  • Access the platform official website and log in your account.
  • If you are using a desktop, locate the watch button by the left sidebar. If you are using a mobile device, locate the watch button by the top of the screen and tap on it.

That is all you need to start watching videos using the Facebook watch feature.

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