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By | September 24, 2019

Do you often get tagged without your approval on Facebook? Or probably, you are tagged by a user you don’t like his or her post; then I should introduce you to the Facebook tagging settings. The Facebook tagging settings is fun when used in the right way but before we discuss that, what is tagging and how does it work?  Well, when you tag someone on Facebook, you automatically create a link to their profile and the post you tag them on will be available or visible on the user timeline. Let’s take, for instance, you tag a user in a photo, to show who is in the photo or you can post a Facebook status and tag the person you are with if the person has an account on the platform.

Facebook Tagging Settings

When any users see the tag, they can see the user you tagged and if they click on the username form the tag they will be taken to the user profile page. When you are tagged or you tag someone on Facebook the user will be notified. Now there is where tag could be a little rough. Tags in photos and photos from people you are not friends with on the Facebook platform may appear on your timeline. Remember, your timeline is the key to having a reputable Facebook account.

Accessing the Facebook Tagging Settings Webpage

The Facebook tag setting webpage can be difficult at times to access. This is the reason I have decided to give you the steps you can use in accessing and using the Facebook tag settings.

  • Go to Facebook suing the Facebook official URL or web address www.facebook.com.
  • Now login your Facebook account and wait till you are directed to your newsfeed.
  • On top of any Facebook page, tap on your profile picture or username.
  • From your profile page, tap on the more or menu button. It should have three dots.
  • From the dropdown, tap on timeline settings.
  • From the timeline and tagging setting which should be what you are looking at, you can now set your timeline and tagging.

Now you should be able to set who can see posts that you are tagged in on your timeline and some other settings.

How to Tag Someone to a Post

It is quite simple to tag someone to a post on Facebook.

  • Go to your Facebook newsfeed or profile page and start a new post.
  • Tap on the tag friend’s button and start spelling the username of the person you want to tag. Before you complete the spelling of the username, you should see the username displayed as a link. Simply tap on it and the user will be tagged.

That is all you need to tag a user to a post.

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