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By | October 2, 2019

Shortcuts as you already know are quicker shorter and faster ways to a long destination. It might interest you to know that shortcuts are also on the Facebook platform. If you are tired of always going through the long cut for everything and you just which there was a way to make them short, then Facebook Shortcuts is the article you are looking for. Facebook shortcuts as the name already suggest are faster ways to get things on the Facebook platform. These shortcuts are for people who rely on their keyboards to do things. What you should know is that these keyboard shortcuts only work when you are not in a text box.

Facebook Shortcuts

Now, there are two types of shortcuts on the Facebook platform. If you are using a desktop device, you should find a shortcut tab by the left sidebar. These shortcuts are quick access to Facebook groups, pages and so on. These shortcuts unlike the keyboards own can be edited. Now this si the main Facebook shortcut and the one explained in the first paragraph can also be referred to as Facebook shortcut keys. In this article, you are going to learn some Facebook shortcuts keys and how to edit your Facebook shortcut so stay put.

Facebook Shortcut Keys

Without time-wasting, I will give you a shortlist of some Facebook shortcut keys.

  • Tap “J” and “K” to scroll down or up between news feed stories.
  • Press “Enter” to see more of the selected story.
  • Tap “P” to post a new status.
  • Hit ”L” to like or unlike the selected story.
  • Hold “C” to comment on the selected story.
  • Press “S” to share the selected story.
  • Hold “O” to open an attachment from the selected story.
  • Press “Q” to search chat contacts.
  • Hit “/” to search.

Above are a few of the Facebook shortcut keys. There are also several other shortcut keys. Alternatively, you can find them by tapping on “?” while on your newsfeed.

Shortcuts on the Platform

The shortcuts on the Facebook platform are quick links to access or visit any webpage on the platform. Now, this shortcut can be edited. Below are the procedures you need to follow if you want to edit your Facebook shortcuts

  • Go to www.facebook.com and sign in your Facebook account.
  • Locate by the left side bat the shortcuts section and hover on it. you should see the “Edit” button, simply tap on it.
  • Now edits your shortcuts and tap save.

At is all for editing your Facebook shortcuts. You can customize them to display just how you like them.

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