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By | September 20, 2019

Do you own a Facebook page? Perhaps you have some Facebook business page posts. Posts on your business page are what bring users to your page. If you have engaging and funny posts, there is a very big chance you are going to get a lot of page likes and followers. However, you have to put in a little effort. Most people have actually been hearing the word post but currently, do not know the meaning.

Facebook Page Posts

Well, I am going to help. You should probably thank your lucky stars you came across this post as not everyone is so lucky. A Post is a verb meaning publish a message. A post when referring to a message board, social network or comment section is a text or image (usually text and image) published by an online user.

How Post on a Facebook Page

If you are new to the Facebook platform or its business aspect as well as its business page you are likely to have difficulties creating posts on a page. On the Facebook platform, you not just have access to post on a Facebook page you manage but also other Facebook pages.

  • Go to www.facebook.com and sign in your Facebook account. If you do not have an account already, you should quickly sign up. It is free.
  • Locate and visit the homepage of the Facebook page you want to post on. You can find Facebook pages using the Facebook search bar. If you want to post on your Facebook page instead, you can also do so.
  • When on the homepage of the Facebook page you want to create a post on, you would see a rectangular box usually with the inscription “Write a post…”.simply tap on that box.
  • Start composing the post when an icon has started blinking on the box. To add photos or videos to the post, tap on the Photo/video icon. Select the video or picture you want to add to the post and it will be added.

Once the post is fully organized, just tap on the “Post” icon. The moment you tap on the post icon, the post will be automatically available on the page. However, depending on the admin of the page, you post might not be approved immediately. If it is your page, it should be available immediately.

Facebook Page Post Tips and Ideas

Engaging posts on a Facebook page is necessary when it comes to getting engagements and reactions. People are more likely to like or love a post when it has something that interests them. Below are some tips for creating engaging posts.

  • Tell stories.
  • Always post at the right time. Post based on Facebook insights.
  • Post at Non-Peak hours.
  • Try to post about trending topics.
  • Post selfie.
  • Post Viral Photos.
  • Share random thoughts.
  • Ask your fans business decisions
  • Post original images.
  • Have a recognizable profile picture.

Above are some tips you can use for your Facebook page and posts. If you create posts wit the tips above, your page should be booming in no time.

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