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By | September 27, 2019

Do you know that you can use Facebook For Free? Facebook is a big social media platform that can be used for several things. The platform has over a billion users with more than ten percent of the active per month. This should go a long way in showing you how resourceful the platform is. Now you can twist this platform and use it for your advantage. The platform out of many things can be used for advertising, finding friends and so on. Trust me, with such a platform like this, you could become popular or make a brand popular. However, you have to put in an effort or two.

Facebook For Free

Initially, the Facebook platform can be used for free. But if you are talking about free free, there are quite a few tricks. What I mean by free free, is without data charges. Amazing right; you can actually use Facebook without being charged for regular data charges. There are quite a few known tips you can use to access and use the platform for free. Shortly we will be discussing them but let us first discuss the requirements.

Requirements to Use Facebook for Free

Using the platform for free calls for certain things. These things are called requirements. Below are some of the things you need for you to use Facebook for free.

  • A valid registered airtel sim card. This will go a very long way in helping you access and use Facebook for free.
  • A device that can connect to the internet with a web browser.

That is all you are going to need for you to access and use the platform for free. Now that you know the items or requirements, let’s head to the procedure. I mean how you can use the platform for free.

How to Facebook for Free without Data Charges

Finally, we have come to the part of my article where I will teach you how you can access and use the platform for free. Before that, I think you should know that there are going to be some restrictions to using the platform for free. Below are the procedures.

  • Insert the airtel sim card into the device you want to use the platform on for free.
  • Boot the device and turn on the data connection on the airtel sim.
  • Launch any web browser and seek the URL free.facebook.com.

That is all. You should now get a message saying you are out of data bundle, continue using Facebook for free. Simply tap on the continue using Facebook for free button and you should be on the platform. You should make sure you are out of data bundle before you try this step to save your data bundle.

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